• Plunger Actuated Regulator

    • Application: Food service

    • Requirement: A regulator that provides
    regulated pressure in relation to the actuation
    of a lever.

    • Solution: A plunger actuated regulator that
    increases secondary pressure as the plunger
    is depressed.

  • Natural Gas Filter/Regulator

    • Application: Natural gas scrubbers

    • Requirement: A filter/regulator capable of
    flowing natural gas or compressed air in a
    corrosive environment.

    • Solution: A custom black anodized
    filter/regulator with internals designed to
    withstand natural gas and its byproducts.
    The glass filled acetal bonnet offers
    convenient adjustment while minimizing
    the susceptibility to chemical attack.

  • Railcar Filters

    • Application: Transportation

    • Requirement: High flow compressed air
    filters that can withstand the harsh conditions
    of railcar service.

    • Solution: Custom filters based on the 201-5000
    series of particulate filters. The all machined
    aluminum construction allows them to perform
    in even the most challenging environments.
    The depth filtration elements provide
    a long service life with minimal pressure drop.

  • Regulator/Valve Manifold

    • Application: Instrumentation

    • Requirement: Helium compatible regulator
    integrated into valve manifold.

    • Solution: Custom cartridge style regulator
    designed with special “zero leak” internals
    assembled into custom manifold.

  • Bus/Truck Driver Seat Regulators

    • Application: Transportation

    • Demands: Accuracy, repeatability,
    compact size.

    • Solution: Custom regulator with lower profile
    bonnet, custom mounting connection, preset
    to +/- 2 PSIG of the set point.

  • CO2 Beverage Regulator

    • Application: Food & Beverage

    • Demands: Preset, accurate CO2 regulator to fit
    preexisting manifold.

    • Solution: Miniature regulator with custom
    manifold mounting interface preset to OEM

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